*** Within the current pandemic context, our Spa Circuit has conditions (1)

- Sauna, Turkish bath (hammam) and changing rooms unavailable;

- Access to the relaxation pool and jacuzzi is subject to prior booking, with restrictions on the number of people allowed in the area;

- Towels, to be provided by the hotel, imply an additional fee;

- The obligation to wear a cap and slippers remains. If necessary, the hotel has caps for sale;

- Comply with social distance;

- The use of pool floats or toys is prohibited.

(1) According to current indications of Health Authorities

Nourish the body Feed the soul

Framed by the view of the Monastery of Batalha and our gardens, the Spa Villa Batalha invites you in each therapy, to disconnect from the routine and to reduce stress and anxiety to renew body and mind.

We have at your disposal Spa Circuit with: indoor relaxation pool * overlooking the Batalha Monastery, jacuzzi, footbath, sauna, Turkish bath and maintenance gym and 6 treatment rooms, jet shower and Vichy shower. | Not included in the accommodation rate, please consult us for more information. The use of swimsuit, cap and slippers is mandatory, if necessary you may purchase the cap at the reception.
* Swimming pool not playful.

All services are available for guests and external customers, subject to prior availability.

Please consult our Spa usage policy.

Spa usage rules and policy

Spa Menu

Temporarily adjusted due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic context we are going through, we will adjust the services available according to the indications and guidelines of the DGS - General Directorate of Health. See our current menu here

Highlights ...

Opening hours:

Spa Circuit

Daytime - 10 am - 8 pm (Sundays 8 am - 8 pm) | Night: from 9 pm to 10:30 pm (subject to availability and prior appointment).

Massages and treatments

See our adjusted menu here

10 am - 8 pm. If you want to do massages / treatments outside of the usual hours, contact us to check their availability.

Note: working hours above may change without notice as a result of causes beyond the hotel. All services subject to availability and prior booking.

Spa usage policy:

- The indoor relaxation pool is part of our Spa Circuit and will have an additional cost, unless it is a rate or program that includes “Access to the Spa”.

- The use of a swimming cap, swimsuit / bikini in the pool area is mandatory. You can use your cap or purchase one at the reception for an additional fee.

- The use of the swimming pool for children under 16 years old is permitted (provided that it is supervised by adults) at specific times (which may change):

- The sauna and Turkish bath cannot be used by children under 16 years old.

- Maintain silence and comply with all rules for the use of space / equipment. The Hotel reserves the right to request its immediate departure in case of non-compliance.