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Hours of Operation:

Spa Circuit: Daytime - 10h-20h (Sundays from 08h-20h) | Evening: 21h to 22h30 (subject to availability and prior appointment).

Massages and treatments: 10h-20h. If you would like to have massages / treatments after hours please contact us to check availability.

Note: The above times may change without notice as a result of causes not controlled by the hotel. All services subject to availability and advance booking.

Spa Usage Policy:

- The indoor relaxation pool is part of our Spa Circuit and will incur an extra charge unless it is included as rate or program that mentions “Spa Access”.

- It is mandatory to wear a cap, swimsuit / bikini in the pool area. You can wear your cap or purchase one at the reception for an additional fee.

- Children under 16 years old are allowed to use the pool (subject to adult supervision) at specific times (subject to change):

- The sauna and hammam cannot be used by children under 16 years old.

- Please comply with a quiet and silent atmospehere and all space / equipments usage standards. Shall the Hotel request your immediate departure if your presence is not found to be in accordance.

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