Thematic Routes

Cultural Tours

- World Heritage Circuit (Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória / Convent of Christ / Monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça); 
- Visit to the CIBA (Interpretation Center of the Battle of Aljubarrota) and to the Monastery of Batalha; 
- Visit to Alcobaça and Batalha (Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória / Lunch in restaurant with gastronomy of the region / Monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça / Church of Misericórdia / Regional sweets);

Route of the Monasteries

The Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória is located in the town of Batalha and is a world heritage site of humanity.

From Batalha it is possible to explore the other 2 great monuments of the Unesco World Heritage List, which are also part of the Monastery of Alcobaça and the Convent of Cristo de Tomar.

Rota dos Mosteiros is a project of IGESPAR and aims to integrate the management of these three important Mosteiros of the central region of Portugal, aiming to exploit their multiple potentialities, thus enhancing the important role of Heritage for Tourism, for Portugal and for the world.

These 3 monasteries have an enormous historical and architectural importance combining the battlefields of the Middle Ages in the Monastery of Batalha, the Order of Cister in the Monastery of Alcobaça and the Order of the Templars in the Convent of Christ in Tomar.

Nature Routes

- Pedestrian Routes in the Serra d'Aire and Candeeiros, Sensory Eco Park Pia do Urso and Grutas da Moeda; 
- Visit to Óbidos and Caves of Mira d'Aire; 
- Morning walk through Nazaré and visit to S. Pedro de Moel.

The Castles of the West

Castle of Leiria