Pets Policy

The stay of pets is subject to the following rules:


Only small dogs or cats up to 10 kg are accepted (validation by the Vaccination Bulletin), a maximum of two per room with the owner.

In the case of guide dogs, weight or size restrictions do not apply.

Potentially dangerous breed dogs are not accepted (Dec-Law 315/2009).


Customer/guest must contact the hotel to previously check availability by informing the breed and weight of the animal(s). In the absence of this request in advance, the hotel reserves the right to deny the check-in in the first place (1st night will be charged) or to apply a penalty of 120,00EUR.

It is mandatory to accept the policy and conditions by signing the animal policy document before or during check-in (you can download it at the bottom of this page).

The dog must be properly trained and in total obedience to the guest/owner.

It is only allowed to assign rooms on Floor 0. The entry/exit of animals must be done through the door of the corridor on this floor. The client must go to reception first without the animal to check-in, presenting the Vaccination Bulletin, where the circulation allowed will be explained.

The owner assumes compliance with Portuguese legislation such as having an updated Vaccine Bulletin, having a microchip (mandatory for dogs born on or after 1 July 2008), registration and license and also ensuring that it is free of parasites and in good health condition.

The animal should never be left alone, without the company of the guest/owner.

The  animal is not allowed in public areas inside the hotel, except for the entry/exit of the animal (in which case it must be on a leash, carried on the lap or in a transport box). In any public area of the hotel (parking, gardens, terraces) it is mandatory to use a leash or transport box.

The hotel will request the immediate departure of any animal that exhibits dangerous or unacceptable behavior (biting, scratching, excessive barking, apparent illness, urination or defecation in public areas), without any reduction in the value of the animal's stay (neither the owners') by the days lefting;

The guest/owner is responsible for cleaning the feces of the respective animal throughout the exterior and interior of the hotel.

If the animal is in the room at the time of cleaning and housekeeping, it will not be carried out. The guest/owner must contact Reception to arrange another convenient time, subject to availability.

The owner or caretaker of the animal is responsible for all material and personal damages caused by the action of the animal and agrees to assume the costs arising from any claims or damages related to their pet in relation to the hotel, employees, guests or other customers.

The animal's stay has a daily fee of €23.00, for each animal , not including bedding or food.

Prior to check-out, and in advance, the guest must request an inspection visit to the room(s). Depending on the hotel's assessment, an extra cleaning fee or additional cost may be charged for any damages.

Contact our reception to clarify any doubts or additional questions.

Click HERE to download the Pet Policy in PDF.