Ecological footprint

There are several aspects that allow us to operationalize our environmentally friendly resource efficiency policy:

Intelligent power management system that saves energy in all areas of the hotel, from a simple outlet to the air conditioners, refrigerators and elevators, controlled from the reception.

In all interior spaces of the hotel, low consumption LED lamps are used, which allow a reduction in consumption of around 40% compared to other hotels with the same dimensions and valences. This lighting also allows the reduction of CO2 emissions, it does not produce heat which reduces the need to use air conditioning in order to compensate for the emission of heat.

The Hotel Villa Batalha is equipped with about 50 solar panels and is installing photovoltaic panels.

- It has a system to take advantage of the water from the washbasins, showers and showers, which are treated in our Mini Etar and reused in the toilets of the whole hotel and in the irrigation of the gardens;
- The facades are double and self-ventilated, allowing an improvement of the thermal behavior, and consequent reduction of the energy consumption;
- At check-in, a letter is sent asking the guest for assistance in avoiding unnecessary replacement of towels;
- Spa equipment is switched on only when there are users;
- You are installing connectors for charging Tesla and universal electric cars.

The Hotel Villa Batalha will be one of the "case study" hotels in the "PERCENT" project, which aims at, among other things, implementing an innovative system of monitoring and energy alarm systems, which allows checking deviations and evaluating the daily efficiency of the hotel for identification improvement measures and support to energy management. Energy savings of 5% to 10% are estimated by the use of the system.