This our central region of Portugal is also known as the Silver Coast.

It is located between the cities of Porto and Lisbon which is equivalent to more than 300 kilometers of Atlantic coast. 

The temperatures are mild and the beaches of white sand stand out to:

- Praia da Vieira, old fisherman's beach accessible by the historic Pinhal de Leiria where you can see the richness of the connection of Man to the Sea 
- Praia Osso da Baleia is very popular for sport fishing, bodyboarding and surfing 
- Praia de Pedrogão that still reflects the old fishing art in the typical boats 
- Praia de São Pedro de Moel, characterized by its aristocratic and cosmopolitan air, is a land of poets and an elegant summer resort 
- Praia da Nazaré is a must see with its people and its immense beach where you can still see the art of sewing the nets and the drought of the fish, famous for its giant waves in the winter