Pet Policy

At Hotel Villa Batalha, your pet is welcome, under the following terms:

- It is requested that you go first to the reception (without the animal) to check in so we can explain the access to the place of entry for the animals;
- Reservations are only possible in rooms on the ground floor in a wing that has direct access to the outside, where you should go in and out with your animals;
"The animal can not be alone in the room;
- The animal can not be or circulate in any other areas inside the hotel including the reception, restaurant, bar and Spa;
- The pet will not disturb other guests in any way, otherwise we will be forced to request their departure (without deduction of the reservation amount);
- The use of the space / furniture should obey criteria of common sense and should remain in the state of conservation in which it was found;
- Additional cleaning fee may be charged if accommodation conditions so require as assessed by hotel services;
- Liability for any damages caused will be entirely the responsibility of the owners and the hotel reserves the right to charge the necessary value to the repair or repair of damages;
- Bed and feeding of the animal to be provided by the owners;
- In outdoor spaces, the animal must always be on the leash or inside the transport box;
- The animal must have the vaccines updated (display the bulletin);
- Only dogs up to 20Kgs and / or cat are allowed, at most one per room.
- Service subject to availability and prior confirmation.