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The Hotel Villa Batalha is guided by a policy of inclusion, seeking to gather conditions to be more and more accessible. Although it is improving the current conditions, it already has excellent conditions for an accessible tourism, including a conscious team, oriented to the theme and with training in inclusive service.

Here are some features you can count on:

Conditioned Mobility:

(wheelchairs, elderly, pregnant women, large families, temporary restraint - accident, ...);

- The Hotel Villa Batalha allowing total accessibility to all areas, both inside and outside the building, without barriers to traffic;
- All entrances are easily accessible, as are parking areas;
- The entrance doors in the building are spacious and have sensors;
- The entrance atrium is wide, without steps and without any unevenness;
- The reception has a lowered counter, which allows for personalized check-in;
- The Business Center, on the ground floor, next to the reception area, is also easily accessible;
- The corridors are wide; and all doors are equipped with handles installed at an appropriate height;
- The elevators allow easy access to all areas; are spacious and have bars and buttons installed at an accessible height;
- Public areas are large and allow easy movement;
- On the ground floor, there are 2 toilet facilities for people with reduced mobility;
- Outdoors, the promenades and access roads are wide and with good adhesion, allowing easy movement through the gardens, the riverside terrace and the golf and tennis courts;
- In the Spa, the massage tables are foldable to facilitate the transition of the wheelchair or to short stature;
- Rooms: Entrance doors with electronic locks;
- Rooms: Spacious and spacious to allow wheelchair access;
- Rooms: All bathrooms have a roll-in shower (step-free shower), sliding entrance door with enough opening for the passage of a wheelchair;
. Rooms: Any room can be prepared to accommodate guests with reduced mobility: we have fixed / removable grab bars and chairs / benches for the shower.

Blind / Low Vision
- Restaurant menu in Braille.

Food Allergies

- Restaurant menu, bar and room service with symbols of allergens.

Culture of Origin

(religion, food, among others)

- We try, more possible, to respond to the specific needs of the culture of those who visit us, without compromising the usual operation of the hotel.

Other Areas:

- We continue to make efforts to strengthen these and other valencies of universal accessibility;
- We have strategic partners that allow us to ensure transportation services, daily care, monitoring and tourism services.

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